Driven By What You Love

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Driven By What You Love

I went to a book party for a newly published graphic novel called Ann Tenna.  The author, Marisa Acocella Marchetto invited me, knowing I would like the book.  “You’ll like it. It’s about Karma, “ she told me.  There was a table outside the restaurant where you could buy the book before you entered the event.  I bought a copy and thumbed through it for a quick glance.  The pages fell open on an illustration of Ann with a thought bubble above her head that read, “Maybe it’s time to be driven by what you love?”  I thought there was something karmic at work in my ending up on this particular illustration. I was just thinking on my way to the party that I’m finally able to spend most of my time doing something I love and feeling thankful for that. I got the good kind of chills. I eventually called an Uber to pick me up so I could meet my son for dinner. The driver started talking. “I love what I do,” he said. “What?” I asked, picking my head up and stopping mid-text. “I’m a musical composer Not really a driver.” MAYBE IT’S TIME TO BE DRIVEN BY WHAT YOU LOVE?  “Yes,” I responded. “I totally understand.”  I gave him the book and said the same thing to him that Marisa told me, “You’ll like it.” Stay mindful. Be kindful.

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