Get Inspired To Do A Good Deed A Day With The New Karmic App: Because What You Do Comes Back To You

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The Karmic app is based on the idea of daily karma – that what you do comes back to you; that you are in control of how you feel and how you make others feel; that you must do good to feel good and feel good to do good.

I had no idea what I was doing three years ago when I developed the KARMiC iOS app. I knew the experience I wanted users to have and the result I hoped they gained.

But I had not worked in app development and therefore relied on a group of people who understood the vision and mission of the app to put their skills and talents to work on its behalf.

I never imagined the wondrous responses I received.  I heard story after story about how the app helped people in their daily lives. I continue to feel thrilled and thankful.

I have gained so much thoughtful and helpful feedback along this journey that I have worked, again, with talented developers to create a new version of KARMiC.  This app is based on learning, desires, thoughts, wishes, dreams and hopes of the KARMiC community and myself.

Many of the inspirations and good deeds are based on things people have told me they do.  There’s a realness to KARMiC that can only come from an engaged group of users.

I have spoken to schoolteachers who use it in their classroom to depict kind interactions among their students. I have connected with those who struggle with addiction who explained that they now have KARMiC in their hand instead of a drink. I have been told that people don’t always recognize their own kind actions, but when they saw some of the good deeds on KARMiC they realized that they actually do good deeds all the time. This gave them new perspective and credit where credit is deserved. I activate KARMiC in the world with a spinning wheel that contains twelve good deeds on it.  You spin the wheel and then have to do the good deed right away. Seeing two strangers high-five each other, telling someone who passes by how great they look, or holding the door open for someone going in or out of a building are simple, every day actions of kindness that always bring a smile, joy and uplift to everyone involved.

This version of KARMiC is a true co-creation with everyone who has connected, discussed, critiqued, loved, meh-ed and in general took the time to let me know how they feel.

Every day acts of kindness are what truly make up the fabric of compassion, caring, and concern for those with whom we come in contact, in our daily life. We each harness the power to make this world a better place. Get inspired to put your positive focus to use by doing a good deed a day – with or without KARMiC!

Stay Mindful. Be Kindful

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