How the KARMiC App Improves Mindfulness

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Karmic Good Deed Generator App

Recently, I’ve been talking a lot about Karmic – more than usual – with my friends – mostly citing working on the new version that just launched as the reason why I couldn’t have drinks, or dinner or really anything.  During one of these conversations about the app, one of my friends said to me, “You know, when you first told me about Karmic I thought to myself, what the hell is this and what’s she talking about.” I wondered why she felt compelled to let me know this, now.  Then, thankfully, she continued. She let me know that many of the good deeds on Karmic are things she does anyway, everyday, but she never thought of them as good deeds.  She thought of them as habits, actions or even rote reactions to situations.  In fact, she said, she really thought nothing at all about the acts of kindness and compassion she achieved daily. “Why wouldn’t you?” I asked her.  “Because no one told me I should,” she replied. “Until now.” Karmic, she said, helps her see her actions in a new light and that she uses the app to remind her, as she says, “to keep doing what I do.”  I love that she sees Karmic as a touchstone – a way to keep her on her path and derive gratitude from her own self-generated good deeds. Karmic is now hers, not mine and for this I am extremely thankful. I hope everyone can make it “theirs” too. Stay mindful. Be kindful.

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