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If you’re a friend of mine, you have the Karmic app on your phone because I have cornered you, in the nicest way, and watched you download it!  I do this because I believe not just in what I created but in what I have seen and witnessed it can do for people.

Believe it or not, the concept of helping yourself feel better through helping others, is not something every one easily believes.  But I hear stories from the frontlines of good-deed-doing everyday and know personally, that kindfulness can improve quality of life, positive achievement and health.

A few weeks ago, I was at a party at friends house.  David came walking up to me with a big smile on his face and his phone outstretched in his hand.  “Look,” he said as he showed me a Karmic Deed from his list of completed deeds.  “I went on the app this morning and the deed said to call someone I haven’t spoken to for a while.  So I thought about it, picked up the phone and called my mother.  It made me realize that I haven’t called her in a few weeks because I’ve been so busy. It made her day, and mine too.”  He thanked me. I thanked him.  Life is good when life is kindful.

Wellness Tip: Watching Someone Do A Good Deed Can Help You Too

Elevation is a warm, uplifting feeling that people experience when they see unexpected acts of human goodness, kindness and compassion (Haidt, Algoe, Meijer, Tam, & Chandler, 2000). It makes a person want to help others and to become a better person himself or herself.

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