Morning Shake

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Morning Shake

Every morning, I open my Karmic app, shake my phone and do the good deed that appears on the screen.  I call it my “morning shake” – my way to achieve a healthful, uplifting start to the day.

But the thing about doing something good and nice for someone is that it inspires you to keep going. It’s a kick-start.  So in the grocery store one day, after my morning shake, I noticed the woman who was checking out before me was having trouble using the electronic credit card machine. She couldn’t see where to sign. It was tipped horizontally and she was too short to view the screen.  Being 6’ tall, I reached over and flipped it up to the vertical position.  She looked up at me.  “Thank you,” she said. “I’ve been too short my whole life.” No problem, I shrugged and smiled. It was an easy thing to help her with. “But what I really want to thank you for,” she continued, “is for helping me feel tall.” I thanked her back, suddenly feeling short in the face of her generosity. It’s always good to remember that what seems small for one person can feel big to another.

Wellness Tip

Someone said to me recently that “exercise is my meditation.”  Exercise will definitely help you feel good, but if you want the true benefits of meditation, then you need to purposefully meditate. Here’s a link so you can start your own practice and experience the ultimate release of stress.

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