Reflection, Forgiveness, & Healing

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After the hustle of the holidays and the non-stop energy of the New Year passed into a quieter February, this month has become a time of refection, forgiveness and healing. I looked back on the 7 day juice cleanse I completed with much effort and grumpiness and decided I will do it again. I was glad I summoned the discipline to finish what I started.  I had time to think about a friendship that slipped away because hurt feelings weren’t addressed and how I missed that connection. Time is both a luxury as well as an instigator. Time pushes things that easily hide in the back of your mind when you’re busy up to the front and says, “Deal with it now.” We met, talked, hugged and found a new mutual confidence and understanding. And, in the quiet of the month, I also had time to share with a new acquaintance, the story of how I came to create Karmic. Like many things that are created to inspire and bring happiness to others, it was not born from an outpouring of activity and joy. It was created from within moments of quiet reflection and solitude. I shared my story.  He shared his.  And when he got to the end, he paused, became very quiet and said he never told that to anyone before.  “Wow,” he said, smiling. It was like a giant block had been lifted. It’s moments of quiet that often produce the loudest results. It’s time to clear away the cobwebs of unfinished business or untold stories that act as weights on our shoulders. As the days get longer and the evenings lighter let’s continue to find strength in quiet times and plant the seeds for an uplifting, forward-moving spring. Stay mindful. Be kindful.

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